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Beyond Inbox Documentation

Beyond Inbox is an easy user interface that helps you to backup your email on local system. Unlike other generic email backup software tools, Beyond Inbox has Commander to automate email Backup operation on schedule. It also helps to Restore email from local to any IMAP account, Copy and Move email from one IMAP account to another IMAP account.

  1. Take backup of selected folder, selected email, and all folders of an account as per your requirement.
  2. Schedule backup operation via commander for automation of task.
  3. Create and execute the backup plan to backup selected folder of the specified IMAP account. Once you have configured your backup plan, you can use it to take incremental backup of your email. Incremental backup will backup those emails which were not downloaded before or will backup newly arrived email.
  4. Copy and Move the email from one IMAP account to another IMAP account.
  5. Restore the backed up email in your specified IMAP account. You can Drag and Drop email from local file system to restore.
  6. Select desired path to save the downloaded data on local.
  7. Password protected profiles to keep your data safe.
  8. Error handling during the execution of all processes.
  9. Desired path to download email.
  10. Now you can run Beyond Inbox in different instances.
  11. Advance Preferences settings.


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