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Archive your email

There is a large percent of emails that you just need to keep for record retention, but you do not need to refer to those emails frequently and do not need to take an action on. There is no reason for those emails to sit in your active mailbox.

If you keep your inbox cluttered with such emails, you will soon be running out of space in your inbox. Also, every time you do a search on your inbox, these unwanted emails show up in the search results. There is an easy remedy to remove those emails from your IMAP enabled account’s inbox and archive using Beyond Inbox.

  • Archive email from one or more accounts in an email account: Search all emails from your inbox which you do not need in short term and you do not need to take action on. Move selected emails to a separate email account or folder within the same account to archive for record retention using Beyond Inbox. If you want to archive such emails from multiple accounts to the same destination account, you can repeat this process with multiple source accounts. This way you have created an archive of your important emails which you do not want to keep in your day to day communication inbox, yet you can access from anywhere you have web access.
  • Archive email from one or more accounts to a folder: You can consolidate and archive email from multiple email accounts to one folder on a computer using Beyond Inbox by selecting the same destination folder for multiple source email accounts.
  • Index and search archives: You can also use Desktop Search software to search in the archives on local machine.
  • Flexible archiving, no single huge file: Beyond Inbox stores one email in one file instead of storing all emails in one huge file. You have the flexibility to define the target archiving folder location to one or multiple folders with this feature.
  • Keep your inbox clean: There is nothing like coming into an empty inbox everyday and being able to get to things which are waiting for your attention.

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