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Change Description Version Release Date
Release note
  • Added support for Outlook and Yahoo for all the operation like Backup, Restore, Copy and Move emails.
  • Added support for Completed with error feature in backup plan.
2013.12.01.01 Nov 28 th 2013
Release note
  • Beyond Inbox Operations UI - Queue Panel to view Parallel Multi Threaded Process. User can run number of process at once in parallel queue, that reduce the time spend in processing.
  • User can create "label" like other mailboxes.
2013.09.01.01 Oct 14 th 2013
Release note
  • Support UTF-8 encoding.
  • Ignore Permanently option for errors that occurred while performing the operation.
  • Improvement in Beyond Inbox Commander backup report.
2012.06.03.03 Aug 14 th 2012
Release note
  • Much improved performance, user interactive UI and latest security patches with the upgrade to the latest versions of all libraries included in Beyond Inbox.
2012.06.00.01 June 12 th 2012
Release note Changes in this version are-
  • Report for failed messages to perform operations.
  • Test IMAP connection when you create a profile.
  • Stop a running listing.
  • Hide data path prompt at start-up.
  • Shown the folders that failed to backup in interrupted label.
  • Constraint over Advance Preferences settings.
  • Improved messaging and logging.
  • Fixed bug reported on the production server from the older versions.
  • Solved OutOfMemory (Java Heap Space) Exception.
2011.07.03.03 August 17 th 2011
Release note Configure your data path for downloading eml at start-up. Default path is user home. 2011.04.04.05 July 04 th 2011
Release note Now connect without specifying the domain name of your IMAP account, use myusername instead of,
but Google App account require appending domain name as suffix.
2011.04.03.03 Apr 21 st 2011
Release note
  • Add a new feature to Copy/Move all emails without exploring the folder.
  • Retain the READ marker status of Downloaded mail at the browser.
  • Editable Profile Name for IMAP profile, Back-up plan profile and SMTP email configuration profiles.
  • Handling for Connecting IMAP account with and without SSL.  
  • Improve column sorting in all tables, now supports date wise sorting.
  • Upgraded with JavaMail 1.4.4 version.
  • Improved Messaging and Logging with proper validation.
  • Improved Un-Installer for application.
  • Fixed production bugs from earlier version.
2011.04.02.03 Apr 1 st 2011
Release note
  • Fixed UI Related issues for Linux and Mac Os.
  • Fixed bugs regarding pagination in the Advanced panel to get mail for the specified mailbox.
  • Fixed the issues that occurred when running multiple instances of Beyond Inbox.
  • Fixed NumberFormatException at startup of application.
(Patch Release)
Sep 17 th 2010
Release note
  • Removed max jre version from jsmooth configuration files.
  • Fixed the bug regarding error reporting using proxy settings.
  • Corrected messages to replace the word "emails/email(s)" into email.
(Patch Release)
Jul 2 nd 2010
Release note This is the first release of Beyond Inbox. 2010.05.00.00 May 8 th 2010



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