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Backup your email for Disaster Recovery

Like the way you prepare for any emergency, it is very important to backup your email on a regular basis for Disaster Recovery. If you ever loose your email by accidentally deleting or because of any other reason beyond your control, you can quickly restore your email from the backup using Beyond Inbox. See how Beyond Inbox is designed for your convenience in taking secure backups of an IMAP enabled email clients.


  • Backup to another account or on a computer: Beyond Inbox makes the process of taking backups of email very convenient for you. You can either backup your email by copying or moving into another email account or you can take backups to store your email on a computer in a folder.
  • Backup multiple email accounts to one location:  By following the steps explained below, you can backup your email from multiple email accounts into one email account or in one folder by specifying the same destination account or folder for multiple source email accounts. These local backups can be indexed and searched with Desktop Search. This way, you do not have to go to multiple email accounts when you are looking for a particular message and are not sure which accounts you received your email in. You can simply search in that folder.
  • No proprietary format of backup: Beyond Inbox does not use any proprietary formats and offers a backup of email, which can be easily restored in case there is an emergency. Majority of the backup tools out in the market use a proprietary database, which leaves you at risk if the vendor goes out of business and if that proprietary format will no longer be supported in the future. Beyond Inbox stores email in an "open" file format and we cannot envision it going away or obsolete for years.
  • No need to backup all emails in one huge file: You do not need to store large number of email in one single file, which is a pain for regular backups. Beyond Inbox stores each email in a separate file. You have the flexibility to store all the email’s backup at one or multiple locations for better organization.
  • Backup disconnected from email server: A number of backup tools work in synch mode with the email servers and if an email is deleted from the server in error, those backup tools can cause you a big loss. Unlike those tools, Beyond Inbox guarantees a safe backup to you as it stores the backup in a disconnected mode from the email server. Any email deleted from the email server, will remain intact in Beyond Inbox backup.

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