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How to Configure IMAP Account?

An IMAP account  is configured to backup , move , copy , and restore the email. In this configuration, we define the email account information.

Follow the given steps to configure IMAP account:



  1. Run Beyond Inbox as usual.
  2. Go to File menu and choose “Add/Manage IMAP Profile” option. It is also provided at Advanced and Copy & Move panel.
    You can select  Add/Manage IMAP Profile  from Quick Connect pop up option present at main download window which appears by clicking on  "Advance" button at main window.
  create imap profile to configure imap account for backup
save imap profile to configure imap account for backup   STEP: 2
  1. It will open a new window to configure an IMAP profile .
  2. Click on New button to create new IMAP Profile.
  3. Enter Profile Name. (You can enter any name of your choice for the profile to save the configuration).
  4. Enter your email address and password.
  5. Enter IMAP Server for your email account.
  6. Enter Port number (default port is 993).
  7. Choose SSL option from Combo Box i.e. Yes is for with SSL and No is for without SSL (default is Yes).

Save this IMAP configuration with Save button. After saving, this configuration is added in the left tree by its profile name.

  configure imap account for email backup

IMAP Server list :

  1. Gmail :
  2. Outlook : imap-mail. outlook .com
  3. Yahoo :
  4. AOL :
  5. GMX :


  1. Use the email account from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL or GMX to configure an IMAP profile.
  2. You can create multiple IMAP profiles using the above Add/Manage IMAP Profile window .

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