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How to create New folder in your mail account?

The new version of Beyond Inbox lets you to create new folder into your mail box on performing copy, move and restore operations. Also this feature enables you to create any sub-folder inside a folder in any mail account. On creating folder you will get that label created in your account.

How to create New folder in your mail account?

Steps that are to be followed for creating new folder (label):

  1. Run the Beyond Inbox.
  2. Create an IMAP profile using Add/Manage Imap profile option, if you don't have already.
  3. Open the Copy & Move panel by clicking on copy & Move button on main UI.
  4. At both side you will find New folder option near to Refresh buttons.
  5. Connect with your IMAP accounts both side.
  1. On completion of folder listing. Click on New folder .
  2. It will open new panel for “ Create New folder ”.
  3. Here you can create any main folder or any sub-folder. To create sub-folder you have to select option “ New folder under ”.
  4. Under New folder section you have to select a folder from already created folder list.
  5. Provide your folder name and click on “Create” button. On successful creation it will show you confirmation message.

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