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How to Run Backup Plan?

Beyond Inbox allows you to run your configured backup plan. In running a backup plan, first you have to configure a profile to take a backup. Once you have saved the backup plan, you can run it anytime. When you run the backup plan, it starts the backup of the folder which you have configured while creating the backup plan.

To create the configuration for backup plan, go to this link: How to create an IMAP Profile

Incremental Backup

Incremental Backup: Beyond Inbox enhanced its backup feature to incremental backup. Incremental backup saves your time by not downloading already downloaded email again and again, when you run backup plan.

Incremental backup provides you with the following key features:
  1. When you run the backup plan for the first time, it will take Complete/ Full Backup of email from 31/12/2099 to 1/1/1970 date.
  2. When running a  Full Backup Plan and if  it was not completed successfully; the next time you run the same backup plan, it will take Incremental Backup from the date when it failed to take a backup.
  3. Next time, if you want to take a  Full Backup,  you can select the Run Full BackUp check box while running the backup plan.
  4. If backup plan status is 'Completed' successfully, it will perform Incremental Backup of email when running the next time for the same profile and will download only new email as backup plan will run from 31/12/2099 to BackupTillDate (the date from when last backup was finished).
  5. You can view summary of run backup plan from Show Report option in the downloading window.
  6. You can view summary of failed backup plan from Failed Report option in the downloading window.

Follow the given steps to run a Backup Plan:
  1. Run Beyond Inbox as usual.
  2. Choose Back Up option from the main screen of Beyond Inbox.
  3. It will open a  Backup Plan window.
  4. Here are two options to run saved backup plan(s)-
    • Choose a plan from Select Backup Plan list at  Backup Plan window then select Run Backup Plan .
select backup plan to backup email


choose backup plan to backup email
  1. Click on Manage Backup Plan  and it will open Manage Pre Planned Backup Profiles window.
  2. Select the profile name from the left hand side panel and it will show the complete information for that profile and enables the Run button.
  3. Click on Run button to run selected backup plan.

  1. It will start downloading emails process in queue panel where you can see different types of tabs to see the list of Success, Failed and Skip emails. Statistics tab is used to see Statistics for that particular process.
  2. It will download the emails in Data folder at the specified path.
  3. After completing the process, Count of success, failed, identical and total downloaded emails can be checked in statistics tab.
status of backed up email messages

Backup Plan - Completed With Error

When some emails are not downloaded in the backup plan due to any technical reason even on several retries,  Beyond Inbox provides an option Backup Plan Completed with Error that prompts you to either `ignore failed emails & proceed further` or `continue as a normal incremental backup` whenever you run the backup plan again.

Backup Plan Completed With Error
  1. When Backup plan is finished but some mails in particuler folder are not downloaded successfully then at the time of next backup plan run we prompt the user about "Some folders are completed with error".
  2. There we also provide the option to show details about failed mails.
  3. User can save those failed mail details on there system.
  4. If user select Yes then mails which are getting failed last time are ignored and it further proceed.
  5. If user select No then we retry for those emails in backup plan.

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