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Organize your inbox

Like majority of email users, managing hundreds of new emails coming to your inbox every few days could be a challenge. You never read the majority of those emails; cannot delete as you need to keep those for record but do not want to keep those in your active inbox.

If you do not work on a plan to keep your inbox clean and organized, soon you will lose track of important actionable items and not much later, you will see things falling through the cracks. Beyond Inbox can help you organize your inbox of IMAP enabled email account with simple steps.

  • Keep your primary inbox clean by email archiving or backups: Through Beyond Inbox, you can remove all unnecessary emails from your primary inbox by archiving, transferring or taking their backups to another location easily. Whenever you have a few minutes and have internet access, just sort out the email that you do not want to keep in your inbox. You can carefully define the search criteria such as by specific senders, subjects, etc. to search for such email and tag them.

    Once you have sorted your email, run Beyond Inbox, select the tagged email and move selected email to another email account. If you wish, you can also store the selected email on your computer. This will ensure that you can act upon the email that you need to take action on and you can also find the messages when you are searching for those.

  • Consolidate and store all your email in one account or in one folder: You may be using multiple email accounts for various reasons. These may be your own accounts or you may have a need to organize the email from multiple team members. Using Beyond Inbox, you can download email from multiple accounts to one disk or transfer to one email account by specifying the same destination folder or email account for multiple source accounts.
  • No need to access multiple email accounts to search old stored email: You do not need to login to access multiple email accounts to search for an old message. Once you consolidate your email using Beyond Inbox in one email account or one folder, you can either search in that email account or in the folder.
  • Index and search all emails more efficiently: You can index all emails from these different accounts, which are stored in a folder and use Desktop Search software to build a huge knowledge base.

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