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Beyond Inbox Operations UI- Queue Panel to view Parallel Multi Threaded Processes

This vew Version of Beyond Inbox provides you a process queue. Now any operation like backup, copy, move and restore, it starts in a queue panel where you can see all running and pending operations. It serves you not only to view all your running processes in queue but you can also stop any selected process.

After completion of the entire queued processes of queue panel, you can see your Successful / Failed / identical / Skipped operation status information using different tabs, and their number on statistics panel in queue.

Queue Panel to view Parallel Multi Threaded Processes

How it works :

  1. Run Beyond Inbox as usual.
  2. Select desired IMAP account to connect.
  3. Perform any operation - backup, copy, move and restore.
  4. In all the cases a  "Queue" window will open with tab having date and time as queue name.
  5. You can see all the selected emails to be downloaded/copied/moved/restored set in queue.
  1. In queue window there is one option on right click of each process.
  2. Stop -> On click of this option will terminate the execution for selected file and file will be removed completely from the queue.
  3. During the process you can see the Folder name, email subject, Progress, Operation Type, Status for queued emails.
  4. After completion of the entire execution steps, you can see your status of operations on statistics panel.
  5. If any operation failed then Retry button will be seen in failed tab and statistics panel if any operation failed to be processed in queue and clicking on this button will restart the failed process.

Retry for Failed emails in Queue

While performing any operations in queue (backup / copy / move / restore), there might be problem with the Internet connection or any other issue that may cause queue operation to fail.
To restart the process, Beyond Inbox allows you to do a retry for the failed operations.

On completion, if some emails are failed to be processed then at statistics panel Retry button will get visible, Using that Retry button you can retry for failed emails.

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