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Ways to Restore Multiple Emails to IMAP?

Beyond Inbox provides multiple ways to restore your downloaded email to the same or to different IMAP account.

There are two ways to restore email:

  1. By Drag and Drop feature.
  2. By Copy and Move panel.

1. By Drag and Drop feature:
Beyond Inbox provides Drag and Drop feature to restore your email. You can perform drag and drop from Advance panel & Copy and Move Panel.
For more details click on  How to restore email to an IMAP?

2. By Copy and Move panel:

Follow these steps to restore email using Copy and Move panel:

  1. Run Beyond Inbox.
  2. You can open copy and move panel by two ways:
  • Select "Advanced" option from the main window of Beyond Inbox . It opens a new panel. Now click on "Quick Connect" button and select the saved "IMAP" profile. After a successful authentication, you will get a listing of folders at the left hand side panel. Select any folder & click on "Restore" button.
restore from advanced panel
  • Select "Copy & Move" option from the main panel of Beyond Inbox .
copy move email in imap account
restore email from copy move panel   STEP: 2
  1. Choose any option from above. It opens a new window for copy & move with two sides, one for the source and another for the destination.
  2. Select "Local File System" at the left hand side which lists all drives of your system and on another side, select any IMAP profile(s) which you have configured and it will list all the folders present in your account.
  3. Select email from the "Local File System" which you want to restore & click on Restore button from the middle strip which points towards the destination side with blue arrow to restore email.

  1. It starts the restore process in queue panel which display detail information about running process. Progress column indicates status for each emails as restoring or completed and Status column shows email processing is in process or get success/Failed/Identical.
  2. You can stop restoring of any email using  Stop option on right click .
  3. Different tabs are available to view list of Success, Failed, Identical(Skip) emails.
  4. If there is any failed email then you can resume failed emails by clicking on Retry button available at Statistics tab.
  5. On completion of queue process, refresh the destination side to see the restored email.
Queue Panel for restore email to imap

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