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Why Should You Backup Your Mailbox?

Think about these situations. This will lead you to believe that backup is a must to do:

  • What if you forgot your password?  It could be a permanent loss of your email or at least could be a very painful process of recovering your email. If you keep a backup, you can restore all your email to a new email account using  Beyond Inbox.
  • What if you accidentally delete some messages? Even in a popular email service like Gmail, it is easy to select unwanted email inadvertently for deletion. To avoid such accidents, you can use Beyond Inbox and backup your email regularly. Beyond Inbox does not work in synch mode and ensures that the email you delete from your account, does not get deleted from your backups.
  • What if your account gets hacked? You may believe that you are smart enough not to forget your password, but how do you control hacking of your email account on the internet? If this happens to you, you can recover your email from the backup.
  • Are you annoyed with the "Account size out of limit" messages? Almost all email services impose a limit on the size of your account. Instead of simply deleting the email once your account reaches that limit, you should first backup your older email and then delete it from your inbox. This way you can keep your older email if ever needed in the future, as well as receive new email without any issues.
  • What if you loose your email due to a problem at your provider's end?  This can happen to you. Check out the news about Gmail disaster where there were mass email deletions from Gmail accounts -  or . This could be a permanent loss.
  • Another recent instance occurred on 24 February 2009, when Gmail was unavailable and people were unable to access their accounts for several hours. It could have caused you a big loss due to not being able to read an email sitting in your Gmail inbox just because Gmail servers were down. 
  • The best way to stay away from trouble is to keep your own backups and Beyond Inbox can help you with that.

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