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Why Should You Use Beyond Inbox

There are numerous backup tools available in the market that claim to safeguard your email. The problem with most of them is that they store all of your email in a single file. What these guys don't tell you is the limitation of the feature. As your email increases, the size of the associated backup file also increases. Once that file reaches a certain limit, it starts giving trouble. Generally the limit is less and prevents you from working smoothly. Our concern is to throw light on such aspects. Some of the problems are:

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 momentarily stops responding during typical operations. This includes when you read email messages, move email messages, or delete email messages. These symptoms are most noticeable during mail delivery or during synchronization. They become more pronounced as storage size increases. They are more likely to occur when the size of the .pst file or the size of the .ost file approaches 2 GB. Such errors are more pronounced in a very large .pst file or in a very large .ost file that is 4 GB or larger.
  • There are some incidents recently wherein users encountered  problems such as "Data file not closed properly" and then outlook checks the file, which may take a long time. Many times, the users are also getting problems such as "Cannot start Microsoft outlook", "Unable to open the outlook window", "Outlook cannot open the data file" etc. until it's checked for errors.
  • Well you really need to think again if you are using Thunderbird for backing up your email. Users have reported much bigger bugs with this tool. One of the problems that a user came across is that oneday;he found his Thunderbird mail inbox completely empty!!!!!

On the contrary Beyond Inbox saves each email as a separate file. With this feature you will not have very large files. The size of your file will only be equal to the size of your email. Hence there is no problem of file getting corrupted due to its large size. You do not need to worry about backing up the small files. This feature of Beyond Inbox makes it much ahead than its competitors.

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